Massage Therapy Pt.1

I used to be a massage therapist. I once thought it was the only thing I wanted to do with my life. Sometimes I still think it is my calling.

For years before I met my husband and had my daughter, I worked for a well known chain coffee shop. I worked the opening shift mostly as a shift supervisor. Mornings in the coffee industry can be hectic, rarely giving time to breathe, much less think. I adored my regular customers. Those customers, honestly are what kept me in coffee so long. I loved having their drinks ready before they even walked through the doors. Some of these customers became like family to me.

I was able to make their mornings easier and give them one constant they could look forward to. Coffee is a very religious act for many. Some had been drinking a morning cup of joe for as long as I had been alive.

Giving people a stress free coffee experience made me realize I loved seeing weight lifted from people.

I started to rethink my coffee career. I started to research and found one thing that spoke to me. Massage.

The idea of being in a serene, quiet environment sounded great after years of the chaotic coffee shop mornings.

I started to ask myself serious questions about if massage was for me. Could I stand touching other people all day? Was I strong enough? How would my body react?

I scheduled a tour for a school close to me hoping to get more info.

The school was small and the staff seemed amazing. I was in my element. I knew I was about to start my healing journey and I couldn’t wait to see what the future held for me.

To be continued..


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