Massage Therapy Pt. 2

Photo credit: Jason Randolph

Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Doing for others makes humans feel good.

It should also be noted that giving too much of your energy away can be bad for your mental and physical health. Reserving your energy for things that are important is necessary.

Controversially, energy is a very useful tool in the massage world. But, even if you aren’t doing energy work in your sessions, you are still using up your physical and emotional bank. You are giving full attention to healing the body and soul you are working with.

Most clients that get massage are in for regular “maintenance”. Those are your weekly clients who are very active in their lives. Yoga instructors, physical therapists, doctors, nurses, and many other active professions.

You also get the clients that have their one day off for the month and just want to relax. Everyone who is on your table is seeking some sort of healing, even if it is just an hour break from their kids at home. It’s very important to listen to your client before the session and even more so, listen to their body during.

My favorite clients were the ones who fell asleep during the massage. To me that meant I was able to put them at ease and earn their trust enough that they were able to rest body and mind. Huge compliment to me!

Massage sessions were healing for me too. Oftentimes you give the advice you need to hear. At the end of every clients massage I would give recommendations for life in between massages. Drink water, stretch, rest and practice self care.

Early in my massage career I pushed myself further than I should have. I didn’t listen to my own advice. Some days I would block my schedule and pump out 8-9 massages a day. In school the instructors tell you to never do that! I quickly noticed what I was doing to my body and emptying my emotional bank. Most massage therapist don’t work past year 3. They blow out their thumbs, shoulders, backs, etc. Think of working out all day with limited breaks. I had to give my body a break. My massages were beginning to feel like work instead of helping a client to heal.

Well the universe listened and answered for sure. 2020 I received my “break”. The pandemic forced me to again, rethink my career. My daughters school closed and I had to make a choice.

Now I am a stay at home mom. My kiddo(s) are everything to me. I hope one day I can go back to massage. I miss it so much. But for now I will cherish the time I have with my little one.

Comment your favorite massage experience!


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