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A “sort-of” guide for getting the most out of your mediation while raising tiny humans.

As parents, we don’t exactly get much quiet time. Especially with active toddlers around. That can make sticking to mediation routines difficult.

Meditation, in my experience, is not a one size fits all. It can be easy to get caught up with what you think should be happening during meditation, instead of accepting your position in your journey as it is.

Here are 3 big things that help me try to stay on track with my mental status while staying at home with an active 4 year old. 🤪

1. Find small times to stay in the moment.

• Alot of meditation is becoming completely aware of what is happening inside yourself and outside of your body.

• Staying aware in a moment can be very healing. Take advantage of some of the more mundane tasks such as, washing your hands. Think to yourself, how does the water feel, how does the soap smell, wonder how any tiny bubbles are in the suds.

Small moments like this matter! Getting your brain to focus on one thing is healthy. If your mind still wanders, that’s OK too! Remember there is no “right” way to meditate or stay in the moment. It’s customizable!

2. Accept thoughts you have, and let them go!

• Try not to beat yourself up about any thoughts you have. Because they are just that, thoughts. Think about it. Who is listening to those thoughts? 🤔

• It is okay to let thoughts come in and then politely let them leave. Thinking to yourself, “Thank you for that, you can go now”.

3. If you don’t do anything else, focus on your breath!

• Breathwork is incredibly healing. Controlling your breath, listening to the sound of air entering and leaving your body can have profound effects on your mood.

• There are tons of free guided meditations all over the internet! Pick a voice you like and set a timer. There aren’t any rules about how long you should meditate.

It seems these days, in our busy lives, the small moments are something we have to take advantage of!

I hope your next meditation is what ever you felt it should be!

Disclaimer: I am not meditation coach. These are just some of the practices that have worked for me.


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