Dream Interpretation

According to google, dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to one’s dreams.

My husband and I normally discuss our dreams. Especially if the dream is having lingering effects. I absolutely loathe when dreams feel so real. Waking up with strong emotions from dreams is so frustrating. Like “hello brain, calm down!” None of that was real!

There are many different scientific studies on what dreams are and when they occur. Most dreams happen in REM sleep. During this time your muscles are paralyzed so that you don’t play out your dreams. Very interesting.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I would always have a dream that involved a large, white snake. Spiritualists say dreaming of snakes is meant to be about fertility. So who knows if dreams really do mean something.

I’ve had several people in my life who had dreams that came true. That itself is also very cool.

Every time I have a vivid dream that sticks with me through the day, I always end up “googling” what it could mean. I try to be careful tho not to give myself any extra anxiety. There are many spiritual explanations on the internet too. So really a dream could mean anything or nothing! I try not to obsess over it.

Another interesting thing about dreams is that lots of people have reported having the same dreams. Common dreams that I’m familiar with are, loosing teeth, receiving or losing money, being pregnant, falling from a high place, and most annoyingly, infidelity.

There is a whole rabbit hole of dream interpretations out there!

Comment your most interesting reoccurring or common dream!


4 responses to “Dream Interpretation”

  1. Dreams are so…. Sensitive. I have found that I get a lot of my messages and guides through my dreams. I try not to look them up but I’m human. Lol.
    I’ve also found that when I ask Big G a question, i usually get the answers in my dreams.

    Last night I had a dream of being in my Intermediate school and one of the teachers telling me congrats. And I asked her why. She said to me “you didn’t know? You’re with child!” Girl. My mouth dropped!
    The dream felt super short which is surprising. But interesting. We’ll see what message I get about that later. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

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    • Lyric thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment on this post! I’ve read that pregnancy dreams can mean you’re either about to monthly or that a new successful change is coming! Can’t wait to hear the outcome, thanks for sharing 😁


  2. Thanks for your comment!
    Oh I don’t disagree! I believe in both the spiritual aspect of the universe and heavily believe in science. Pseudoscience is a controversial subject. I think the lingering question for many spiritualist is what is the deeper meaning? Are science and spirituality explaining each other? I guess we won’t know until we have all the answers.


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