Pandemic Toddler

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over, it does feel as tho (at least in my area and for my family) that we are getting back to pre-pandemic normalcy.

My kiddo went to pre-school for about 4 months before most everything in the US shut down in March 2020.

She did well overall for her first time in “school”. There were, of course, mornings where she didn’t want me to leave at drop-off and she let me know about it too. It was the start of social interaction toddlers really need and benefit from.

I don’t think it phased her much when her school closed. She asked once or twice why she wasn’t going to school. I think she just was happy to be at home with not only me, but her Dad and brothers too.

During these last two years she has had slim to no social interaction with littles her own age. Except a few cousin visits before our move from Texas.

I am hoping this blink in life won’t affect her socially further down the road. I think that’s a thought that has crossed alot of parents minds lately.

Next week she is starting pre-school again! We are very excited and she is too. We chose a performing arts private school for our active girl. They offer both gymnastics and ballet in the curriculum there and we are so excited to see her flourish.

We toured the school this last weekend and she could hardly keep it together when she saw balance beams and the dance studio there.

I can only hope as parents we have prepared her enough to start back to school. At this point I think we are all just doing what we can right?!

I am very blessed to have been able to stay at home with her during this time. I know so many others didn’t have that choice.

All the best.


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